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Scottsdale and its many retirement communities are #4 on a recent  list of places people still prefer as “empty nest” retirement options.  The mild winters and warm sunshine are major considerations, however, the area has many wonderful medical facilities, including the Mayo Clinic and dozens of destination vacation spas and resorts, including some of the nations top golf courses.
Scottsdale is today a major part of the greater Phoenix area with numerous retirement communities as well as world class shopping centers and malls, parks, recreation areas, golf courses (both public and private), fishing, skiing, swimming and water sports facilities and more.
Crime rates are low, rents are reasonable with great choices in homes, condos and town home rentals and of course, fantastic real estate bargains all of the time.

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Buying a Boston condo

Buying a Boston condo If you are thinking about buying a Boston condo in the near future, you are probably getting a lot of advice from family, friends and Boston real estate brokers. But remember,

Downtown Boston Condos For Sale

Boston condo market report based on the following Boston neighborhoods: Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Bay Village, Charlestown, Financial District, Kenmore Square, Leather District, Boston Midtown, Boston Common, North End, Seaport District, South Boston, Dorchester, South


Most of us think of Social Security benefits as the standard retirement income that most people, who, after contributing regularly during their working years, start receiving after they reach a certain age and quit working and only payable to just retired workers. Social Security benefits are available to not only retired workers but also to widows, widowers, disabled people, former spouses and even children in certain cases.
Retirees are the biggest group of applicants annually, but there are others who become eligible for Social Security benefits as their lifestyles change, etc. There are benefits for widows, widowers and %FEEDTITLE

Boston condo sales from 12/15/14 – 1/15/15

The following is an on market snapshot of Boston’s downtown condo sales from 12/15/14 through 1/15/15. The area’s included are: Boston-Back Bay, Boston-Bay Village, Boston-Beacon Hill, Boston-Charlestown, Boston-Charlestown’s Navy Yard, Boston-Charlestown’s Sullivan Square, Boston-Chinatown, Boston-Faneuil,

Thermage Still Most Popular and Safe Skin Tightening Treatment with longest Track Record

Thermage was the first non surgical device to offer significant improvement for the face and the body for loose saggy skin.  Almost 12 years and a million treatments later it still is the safest choice with the longest track record. The fact that it has been out there so long and has over 2500 establishments offering treatment actually poses a new kind of problem.  It is apparent reading the reviews on any popular cosmetic website that the treatment costs and satisfaction range is wider now than ever. Reviews state people treating faces anywhere from $1500 up to $5000. Not too surprisingly those that seemed to be the most dissatisfied were the ones paying the least. Thermage performed correctly is actually expensive for the Doctor.  The real consumables supplied by Thermage cost up to a thousand dollars for just one area. In fact it is not unusual for one of the top clinics to use a number of tips on  more than one body part and the tips alone would cost quite a few thousand dollars.  Given that fact there are numerous companies selling bootleg tips and offering to reenergize tips that should be tossed in the garbage. I am sure if you have tried this with your printer you know its a hit or miss proposition and you could land up throwing your printer in the garbage or having that inexpensive cartridge not deliver the quality or quantity promised.  THATS A DISASTER when it comes to your face. More and more often patients are actually experiencing worse treatments.  This is from two facts, way too many clinics with improperly trained technicians with very little experience and to make matters worse using bootleg supplies.  Experience is everything the wrong technique in the wrong area would give you the opposite results than what you are seeking. A typical properly administered face thermage would tighten the skin and create more collagen in the cheeks over the long term and eliminate fat under the chin.  Yet reviews show that some people are losing volume in their cheeks and others are getting no results at all.  Thankfully the problem is easily avoided, simply go to and use the provider with the most years of experience, preferably more than 7.  PS if they are not listed with Pinnacle and or Black Diamond awards either they are buying bootleg tips, or not enough tips to receive that designation. One other secret. If they offer only Thermage than they would have even more experience, Now that Solta owns Fraxel and Liposonix the awards are given for the combination of all of the consumables, so it is possible that an office that delivers a large number of Fraxel treatments and or Liposonix and hardly any Themage treatments might still be listed as Pinnacle because of their Liposonix and Fraxel purchases.  I know it all sounds very complicated, But its actually simple find a provider that has the most years of experience is focused on Thermage and has proven that they have a large amount of experience and that their consumables were purchased from Thermage not from someone’s garage, basement or from the far east. PS Check this out

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